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Mould & Spore Killer

Every two years its always advised to wash down your brick, Hardi plank or Timber home to give it a spring clean.

Mould spores multiply and spread around your home making it look unsightly, if you don’t remove the mould it can eats into your paintwork destroys it. It can become costly over time.

It helps keep your paint from fading and flaking and removes all mould from your surfaces.

Glason’s provide a Mould and Spore Killer that you can apply around your home and treat your mould problems, it’s easy to apply and keeps your home looking great, it can also be applied to fences, retaining walls, paths, driveways, metal awning etc.

Mould & Spore Killer is a chlorine based product designed to kill off mould spores and delay the return of mould from concrete, paved and hard surfaces including cement, timber, bricks, hardiplank and fibro.

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Ideal for: Concrete, pavers, pebble crete, color bond, timber, stencil crete, retaining walls, tiles, etc.
Coverage: 10 to 15 sq metres.
Clean up: Wash off with water.
Sizes 1 litre, 5 litre, 15 litre
MSDS: Download Material Safety Data Sheet
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