"Glason® did what other companies boasted about but could not deliver!"

Sydney International Aquatic Centre

I have engaged the services of Glason Cleaning for a number of months now and I am pleased to report that I am very satisfied with their work.

It was no easy job cleaning 8 levels of car park with 6 stairwells, but they have managed to maintain the facility to a very good standard.

In Regard to: Glason (Group) Pressure Cleaning Pty Ltd

I have known the team from Glason's personally and professionally for two years and they have always exhibited honesty, integrity and professionalism especially in all dealings with our contracts and clients.

Hi Cindy.
We are so grateful to you for restoring our driveway to its pristine condition. We were always proud of our driveway and thanks to the integrity of your company we can be so again .Today you do not get the very high standard of customer care you have shown to us it just doesn’t exist.

Thank you Cindy and the team for an efficient and high effective cleaning of my sandstone wall and driveway entrance. Your operator was on time, professional and made my sandstone look new.

Thank you

I cannot thank your company enough for the fantastic result you achieved recently on our roof clean,nobody else would take on this job as it is a stone/steel tile material which cannot be pressure cleaned,

Hi Cindy,
Just want to thank you very much for being able to fit this clean in. I really appreciate it. Chad told me that it is a family business, and that your son Matthew was the guy who did the job. He did a fantastic job...

Re. Glason Pressure Cleaning Services

Glason has been working with the Sydney International Aquatic Centre to overcome a long term problem of cleaning our tiles, which in turn had a very porous surface allowing dirt and body fats to be locked into the tile surface.

Customer Testimonial - Roof Cleaning in Terrigal

In Regard to: Glason Group Pressure Cleaning Pty Ltd

From: Rick Doy
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subject: Recent roof clean results thanks to your company

As discussed, the trial of "KN Clean" product at KFC Reservoir has received restaurant management endorsement and with this a request for additional supply. Please forward two (2) 5kg container direct to KFC Reservoir with invoice forwarded to R&M Melbourne.

I have used The Glason Group professionally for the past 3 years as a contractor for the Franklins Maintenance group. Over this period I have been fortunate to have had the use of Glason's in two very different roles and as such I make the following comments objectively and with confidence.

Kyndek Pty Ltd is a specialist food retailer selling a range of fresh and hot chicken products. We have 10 retail stores throughout Newcastle and the Central Coast with over 270 staff. We have been associated with the Glasson Group for some years now as they are our primary suppliers of cleaning chemicals and cleaning hardware.

Caltex F3 is pleased to be returning to the use of KN clean on or Restaurant floors.

With a strong commitment to Occupational Health and Safety we had KN Clean on trial early in 1999 to see if it would reduce the amount of staff slips on our busy restaurant floors. We were amazed at the results and immediately changed to this product. Over the next few months we were happy to record a reduction of slips by 90% and found the staff were very please with the ease they were able to clean the floors compared to other products.

With more than 10,000 domestic and commercial clients professionally serviced in Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle, read our customer testimonials. WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED!

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